About Me
Katz Its Me!

New bot featuring a variety of features including fun general, informative, system, and currency commands. Bot can conduct polls, say things for you, and more. Run $help for all available commands. Continuous updates occurring. Some generally unique commands are: $mc displays live information of server. $gamble <100-10,000> gambles your money, winning 1-2x your bet! And so much more - add the bot to discover all of the possibilities!.

What The Owner Says...
About Me Yess

Katz is powered by discord.js, the best language used for Discord bots. It is also hosted in US servers with the best uptimes around. Whenever you need it, Katz is there for you.

It has so many utility commands, such as $nameserver, $verifylevel, and more, you'll never need to worry about your server setup again! Also It makes all of that easy for you.With customizable prefixes, modroles, permissions, and more, Katz is one of the best custom bots around. You can tailor Katz to fit all of your, and your server's, needs!.

Katz started as the passion project of owner and lead developer, and quickly evolved into the wonderful bot it has become today. The world is always changing, and with the numerous updates and maintenance occurring with Katz, we're right there to change with it.

My Coding

I Was The Result Of Many Hours Of Work. My God(Dev) Has generally Said These words!

Coding Process

I feel like I'm expressing myself, and sharing my passion with the world. It makes me glad that other people are using and enjoying what I love so much.

This Bot's Does A Revelution

My bot is able to help with server configuration and management, as well as easy to use moderation abilities. In addition, it can entertain your server's members with it's global economy system featuring numerous commands with many more to come, and so much more.

Next Move..

I plan on advancing the utility and economy features of the bot, to make sure it's easier to use, and more fun for everybody.

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